OHR Foundation is willing to help commercial as well as non-commercial organisation to improve their effectiveness and efficiency by way of creating and implementing better HR policies and process.

Select experts assigned by OHR Foundation will work with the organisation to do a diagnostic study, brain storm, discover and define the issues and then evolve a solution. OHR Foundation believes in the P-D-C-A cycle. (Plan-Do-Check-Act)

Apart from this OHR Foundation can offer help and assistance in following HR sub sets


  • Organisational Development

    Mapping of needs by conducting organisational surveys; identify various possible interventions and implement the same to improve organisational effectiveness.

  • Talent Acquisition

    Mobilise, search required talent; organise assessment centers, Head hunt if required.

  • Recruitment

    Offer cost effective manpower solutions, Mobilise required young men / women for large scale recruitment.

  • Competency Development

    Identify learning needs, design learning programmes, deliver the programmes, evolve individual development plans and assess impact of the investments made and in-puts provided by the company in the process of employee development.

  • Performance Management

    Connect employee’s capability and capacity to achieve company’s goals through effective system.

  • Employee Engagement

    Help organisations assess engagement levels, develop and implement plans to improve employees’ engagement.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

    Guide organisations to evolve, plan and implement CSR projects for better results.

  • Industrial Relations

    Help evolve and maintain vibrant, productive and disciplined workforce.

    Facilitate development of effective relationship between union and management.

  • Legal Advice

    On matters of employer ~ employee relationship, terms and conditions of employment as well as employment itself, social security and establishment related laws.