Our Journey


Actively contribute through the HR function towards developing globally competitive industry.


Rise to be a preferred partner of organisations and HR professionals who desire to build a better India.


  • Members’ / Client delight
  • Agility
  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Passion for excellence

Our Journey so far

Down the memory lane

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As organisation start, sustain and grow the HR functions and corresponding teams within also starts taking shape. Some of the initial employees of organisation who prove trustworthiness, loyalty, dedication, resourcefulness and reliability find a place in the HR team. Some of them are not fortunate to have had academic, conceptual and experiential education pertaining to HR function and this adversely impacts their ability to perform better. Business grows and organisation’s expectations from HR also keep changing constantly. HR professionals are required to take care of these expectations more particularly competency development of employees in their respective organisations. Simultaneously new theories and experiences make their way in to body of knowledge of HR function.

The community of HR professionals needs to constantly cope with unprecedented demands of business and new knowledge in HR domain. This realisation and requirement drove our founder members Prashant Ithape and Jitendra Pendse to bring together an informal group of HR professionals later to be known as Only HR (OHR) as self-help group.

First Program of OHR was organised in August 2013 and it was hosted by our patron MPTA Education, Pune. Few members attended the experience and knowledge sharing session. All participants found the initiative very useful and the learning sessions continued with more and more participation by HR Professionals. Many senior and experienced senior professionals came in to facilitate the learning sessions. In course of time senior professional and experienced educationist Pradeep Tupe possessing vast experience in Skill and Management development joined. Soon Sudhir Phatak with his all-round and intense experience over three decades in HR also joined Core Group of OHR.

Many of the participating HR professionals experienced that OHR sessions were giving them professional advantage at work place and very valuable opportunity to network effectively with plenty of co-professionals. Coaching and mentoring support from seniors in the group also helped members to stay focused and do better.

No wonder OHR, an informal self-help group grew very rapidly and today it connects with more than 3000 HR professionals working in various industries primarily in and around Pune.

We realise that without compromising the all popular informality we yet need to build a lasting organisation around the wonderful idea of OHR. Accordingly in course of time the informal self-help group has verbalized its well shared reason for being (Mission), direction (Vision) and essential and enduring tenets / principles (Values).

It already conducts it money transactions through banks and uses modern means of communication fora like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Linked-in group.

We are gald to inform you that now Only HR has legal approval in the form of Trust as OHR Foundation w.e.f. 22nd Nov. 2017. Our registration no. is 1637/2017/Pune.