Walking Interview


Employee engagement is an imperative activity but it should not be practiced in isolation only by the HR department. The real strength of organisations are its informal teams. Engagements activities are the starting points of understanding employee expectations. Managers need to diagnose the sentiments initially in the most informal approach and graduate it to a formal process that collects vital data and helps in retaining the talent.

We all have heard the concept of Walk in Interview

I recommend a concept of Walking Interview.

It involves interacting with the potential candidates who has cleared the initial rounds of hiring and is close to a decision for a job offer. Smart Entrepreneurs or senior managers can engage their future employees through Walking Interviews.

The walking interviews can be in an informal discussions with candidate while showing them the various departments in your organization or taking a walk with them in your premises. This is the best engagement with your workforce even before they are on board.

Walk the interview is an idea which came to my notice while discussing the recruitment challenges at an Entrepreneurship forum

For better results all other teams must contribute in this process and focus on creating a vibrant culture that will sustain the workforce. Engagement is a committed activity and will give perceptible results in the long run.  It has to be a long sustained effort involving various levels of stakeholders.

Knowing whether employees are engaged or disengaged is an important input to take strategic decisions for organisations.

Fundamentals that energies engagement are usually similar across most organisation but the specific concerns and level of importance are exceptional and specific in every company and even in different geographies.

Employees must not only be engaged with organisations but committed and productive. All employees that may be active in engagement activities and team building programs may not be productive. Dialogue and consultation with correct interventions is a vital support in the employee engagement process. All engagement activities must have the ultimate goal of employee productivity. The time required to achieve it may be altered for different employees.

My experience has taught me that that engagement can sometimes be challenging. Dangers of the process is that your engaged and devoted employees face the hidden obstacles that are encountered along the journey. Engaged and committed employees who are in the front and actively helping the HR team in the process encounter bumps along the way, and the threat comes when these bumps become frustrations.

It’s like a classic military scenario where the infantry faces the most casualties. The trick is to use the energy of engaged and committed employees to appropriately clear the obstacle so the engagement activity can keep moving. Organisations have Employee engagement committee with representations from various departments and members are rotated so various inputs can be originated and formal work and informal activities can be shared and balanced.

Employee engagement is necessary because groups that feel emotionally connected to their organisations are more likely to go the added mile, remain devoted and accomplish to the best of their ability. Employee engagement is the emotional anchor which keeps employees motivated during difficult economic and personal times.

Employee engagement platforms helps in Internal Branding of the organisations. HR departments can work closely with the marketing and branding teams to create programs and workshops fully loaded with fun, excitement and quiz which has company history and information that will help in internal branding. Employees must act as the brand ambassadors for every organisations. This helps in the retention process.

I believe that Employee retention is customer retention.

It’s always a challenge to find a right replacement for productive employees who resign and adding them to live projects in a short time. Employee Engagement will continue to be the need of the hour!!!

Gaurav Ambedkar

Marque HR Consultants

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