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Dear All,
After successful 68th Knowledge sharing session, OHR is coming with 69th knowledge sharing session with totally new subject and extraordinary speakers. The session will be conducted on Freedom from Stress & Discover New You. The session will be conducted by Mr. Anand Kulkarni & Ms. Dipti Panhalkar on 27th April 2019.
Grab this opportunity by registering immediately.
Fees: – Rs. 100 for annual members of OHR and Rs. 200/ for non-members.
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With regards,
Trustees OHR Foundation

About us

OHR is primarily an informal Self Help Group of and for HR professionals including those in IR and allied professions as well as researchers who have passion to do better all the time.

Indian industry has the capability and potential to make a huge contribution in building better India. OHR believes that now HR professionals need to be ready to help industry achieve this goal.

  • Our Services

    • Organisational Development
    • Talent acquisition
    • Competency Development
    • Performance management
    • Employee Engagement
    • Corporate Social Responsibility
    • Industrial Relations
    • Legal Advice
  • Our Activities

    • Monthly Knowledge sharing meetings for OHR’s members.
    • Power K-Breakfast Sessions (Only for Annual Members).
    • HR Sustainability Responsibility like the Corporate’s CSR.
    • Corporate Training Programs.
    • Open Training Programs.

What others say about us

I attended this event with my colleague Mr. Uttam Patil, on Sat 26th May 2018 and felt it was very good organized. This is my first event of this group and have observed some positive things, such as dress code of all OHR is really superb. Co-ordination with people and registration process was also good. Program start with welcome and the HR culture session led by Mr. Vinod Bidwaik, Director HR, was really full of new learning. We got good insights about DSM Organization because of that session. Further, it was moved to the ceremony / celebration of PHD founder of Supreme Industries. This function was also very nice or well organized. We enjoyed with enthusiasm. Thanks OHR for organizing such professional event for HR fraternity. Also special thanks to Prashant Ithape Sir for inviting us.
Best Regards,
Prabhakar Mendhe,
WingsGrow Learning Soft Skills Facilitator.

Feedback for our 58th Meet

MCCIA & NIPM had organized a meeting against Criminal Activities carried out in and around Pune Industrial Towns. It was attended by many HR & IR Professionals.

Feedback of V G Rajendran About OHR

O- HR Fraternity is one of the biggest, non- profit association in HR & IR Sector, in Pune Region. This has been promoted to explore synergistic opportunities in HR & IR for mutual learning and growth. Fraternity creates several innovative opportunities for networking, sharing of expertise, capabilities & best practices to promote better management of Human Resource and Industrial relations. One’s mind is powerful thing, when it is filled with positive thoughts, which triggers the challenge within and the individual’s life starts a change process. The O-HR team programs are really enlightening and thoroughly mentoring its members. In the current fast food world, I find uniqueness, of keeping in touch with its members, through every possible social media available either, facebook, whatsapp, Website or emails.

Ohr in Hebrew language means Light ‘aura’ from human body, a symbolic perfect name chosen for the group. May be incidental, but ‘aura’ is proven scientifically, that when human being is enlightened, the glow of aura increases. White light divides into 7 colours, called Rainbow, yet this plurality unites from one source of white light. O-HR is a unique group which brings multiple colors from individuals.

A rainbow is a meteorological phenomenon that is caused by reflection, refraction and dispersion of light in water droplets resulting in a spectrum of light appearing in the sky. O-HR group is perfectly a wonderful group, to be associated with, which brings best out of you. The O-HR organised programs causes reflection, refraction and dispersion, within the individual, to transform the individuals capability.

Sow the seeds of hard work, determination and endurance, and reap the rewards of achievement, success, and self fulfillment. Every seed you sow, give you innumerous fruits for life long. My best wishes to the team to keep up the good work.

V G Rajendran
COO, Mahindra CIE Automotive Ltd

Feedback about OHR by Dr. Ashutosh Misal

O-HR is a focused team who has understood the meaning of HR in real sense. Taking initiatives and organizing innovative sessions to support new HR concepts and practices and bringing in HR fraternity together is the remarkable quality of O-HR. Unmatched teamwork, effective communication, perfect execution are the keywords of success of O-HR. O-HR is a definitely a sustainable activity.
Dr Ashutosh Misal,

Feedback about OHR by Dr. Vishwanath Lele


I attended OHR’s 3rd Anniversary function in Pune couple of months back. This was my first interaction with OHR team. The auditorium was jam-packed with lot of eminent HR leadser , working professionals and consultants. Function was very well organized. In the month of November second time I had the opportunity to interact with OHR team again. What I liked about OHR team is their humbleness,they are eager to create value in the HR community and they don’t have any spirit of hierarchy in the team.

Since past three years are consistently organizing value added events.In a true sense this group is formed by true HR professionals for creating knowledge and competent HR professionals.

If you are part of the HR community , not yet come across the OHR sessions. Then don’t miss the opportunity to attend informative sessions organized by the OHR team.

I wish grand success to the OHR team!

Dr Vishwanath Lele
Senior HR&OD Professional

Feedback of Adv Shriniwas Inamati About OHR

I thank OHR for adding me as a member.Its a great source of knowledge n information for all those who want to add value to their organisation.In order to be successful in people related issues,one must acquire attitude,skills n knowledge.
OHR through multifarious activities n programs is doing great service to its members.
It’s founders Prashant Ithape,Jitendra Pendse,Pradip Tupe and evergreen Sudhir Pathak and entire organising committee deserves a big pat.
I wish OHR all the best in continuing its great work in future.

Adv Shriniwas Inamati,
Director of Deccan Management Consultant

Feedback of Sanjay Gandhi About OHR

Dear Jitendra,


Let me congratulate to leaderships team of O-HR for such innovative initiative for a social reform.

The HR is backbone of any company to make it successful and most ignored people in company.

These are the people who reignite, reboot, reinvent all team member but we forget to inspire and motivate people in HR. I appreciate your this initiative as you are completing these task. I also Like your training program which upskill these People in HR to manage new regulations of government, their own career path and realigning themselves with new challenges.

My best wishes for your initiative in O-HR and will be always happy to contribute in your initiative.

Sanjay Gandhi
Aspire knowledge and skills

Feedback by Adv. Saurabh Kulkarni about OHR

OHR is a very beautiful platform. They provide a very stupendous platform for HR Professionals and speakers to interact with the audience. The Organisation has a very professional and exuberant members who organise the functions in an efficient manner. The topics selected by them are in line with the current trends and help the Professionals to gain knowledge.

Human resources are like natural resources; they’re often buried deep. You have to go looking for them, they’re not just lying around on the surface. You have to create the circumstances where they show themselves. This is what OHR does.

I wish them all the best for this great journey!!!

Saurabh Kulkarni, Advocate

Feedback of Krishna Gawade About OHR

Dear OHR Group

I recall that the seed of OHR was sown by a very small group of our HR colleges around the end of Year 2013. During the tenure of over 3 years, it has not remained as a small group but gradually it is spreading its roots in various spheres of HR and emerging as a strong HR movement.

I feel their objective was to help HR/IR fraternity to provide a platform to come together, connect, constantly update and learn from each other; or from the experts in the field. It is clear from the increasing response that OHR is successful in achieving the objectives set for at the beginning, also it has earned a name as a professional body.

I wish all the best for its journey ahead.

Krishna Gawade
Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd.

Feedback about OHR by Santosh Joshi

Few years back when I heard the name OHR, it blinked to me that this is going to be something different and unique. Today when I look back, what was blinked in my mind , appeared completely true. The reason I said is that many people , in attempt of doing something different, something new , may lose their identify or existence don’t last for long time. Besides, in the crowd, yes boldly I say this word, it is extremely difficult to retain and to sustain any organization especially commenced with mere wish to do something proactively for the fraternity which is not available at that point of time. The journey of OHR so far is wonderful. Hearty Congratulations to the founders and members who actually took lot of efforts and hardship in the beginning in shaping this infant growing toward complete entity.

In the journey, the events that OHR planned were extremely nice and useful to all, the contents there in were highly appropriate and in line with the requirement of time and moment, everyone who participated into this has noted it well. This is not point I wish to raise. But what I personally liked into this or even this may be one of the objectives of the founders, that there are many such organizations doing well but are limiting the participation to those who got an opportunity to prove themselves or to be precisely senior professionals. The OHR might have recognized it well that there is potential among those who can be developed as a future leaders, but they do not get an opportunity to present their skills, due to appropriate forum and OHR can be one of the place or forum t through which middle or junior level people also get an opportunity. So I do not know this is objective of OHR or not, but if yes, I say with confidence that they have met it. I last few days I had an opportunity to meet few of them, I noted their enthusiasm and zeal, their confidence level has gone up and eagerness is in taking extra efforts to develop professional abilities is too admirable. This is something wonderful job being taken by OHR according to me. As we learned, one has to work for tomorrow and not for today. In this OHR will be instrumental in developing the HR leaders for next generation.

I wish the good luck to the team members and founders and I am sure OHR will achieve many more milestones in their journey.


Feedback about OHR by Vishwas Patil

I have been with OHR since its inception and have seen it take baby steps, walk , run and now seeing it fly ..This is a new milestone and I wish every single one of you energies to continue supporting our community and strengthening each other’s journeys. With its constant endeavour to experiment new things, discuss new ideas , striving to bring in the HR/IR community together , OHR is surely a force to reckon with.. I wish the OHR team and all the members the best for all future ventures.

Vishwas Patil
DGM- Group Corporate Industrial Relations
Mahindra & Mahindra